Issue due to unequivocally being refused access to the Lecture Theatre

Issue due to unequivocally being refused access to the Lecture Theatre

Meeting - 6-11-2009

In the past friday 6th of November 2009, the VLP students had a meeting in order to resolve why unequivocally they have been refused access to the Lecture Theatre after being booked by Douglas O'Connell (VLP Course Tutor ). Since the beginning of the year the students have been confronted with a variety of problems that are similar to the one that had happened. In the meeting were present all students except from Georgie Manly, Lauren O'Day and Jeanne Mirodatos. Upon to decisions made by most of the students I, Filipe Canha (VLP Student Representative), underline the most important fractions to address.

What to ask for?

- Meeting with Edwina Fitzpatrick (Coordinator of the MA course), Douglas O'Connell (VLP Course Tutor ), Simon Betts (CCW).

Space Problems

- Get more chairs, tables and Flats.

- How does the booking system works?

- Make a list of the book-able spaces a book some for the year.

- Try to book the Theatre once a mouth.

- Black Space - Black Box for video and light experiments.

- Tv Studio an open and cleaned/cleared space in order to be book-able

Needed at the MA Studio

- 16 chairs

- 16 big tables or flats with small tables

Addressed Tasks

- Dora, Sandy, Heejung Kim ------ Booking the spaces with and without Douglas O'Connell

- Esteban Nunez ------ Booking and in-charged of Black Space - Black Box

- Ilka Weiss ------ Theatre Space and Tv Room

- Filipe Canha ------ VLP Student Representative

Ask Douglas O'Connell

- Which Rooms where booked so far and when?

- Can we have a meeting before meeting with the Wimbledon College of Art staff?

Upon this decisions I, Filipe Canha (VLP Student Representative), had a conversation with Kate James (External Relations Head) which stated that it is necessary to have a meeting in order to immediately resolve the situation. Unlikely, Simon Betts (CCW) wont be at Wimbledon College of Art on Tuesday the 10th and there is a need to have this meeting urgently.

Filipe Canha (VLP Student Representative)

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