Residency day 1 and day 2

It can be hard sometimes to produce cohesive work when looked alone in a room. However, it must be said that I have been leaving earlier but with productive work done. I have not stopped producing ideas and everything has gone smoothly up to the point that I feel very tired and with no more ideas for the day. Yesterday I have:

1- developed more the body extending the writing section.
2- developed a small experimental and improvised choreography which the creative process came from one of the interviews with Michael
3- I explored the scene with sentences on my body that I wanted to be live in-put projected on a screen.

The small choreography based on the interview will be expanded and developed today and hopefully set as final. Having said that it does not mean that I will be done and happy with the results meaning that changes can be done. Apart form what has been said, I will experiment more with my body bringing new materials that evoke the experience I had with clinical tubes with blood and sperm. Everyday I intent to start (as today and yesterday) with a severe warm up that includes Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Moreover, the vocal training will start as part of the warm-up when the Sound Designer Duarte Cardoso comes from Portugal. It can be said that this is a very exiting creative process that is running smoothly.