Filipe Canha at The Marlborough Little Theatre | 4 Princes Street, Brighton - BN2 1RD

In order to create and produce work for both the MA show and for the performance to present outside the University I was desperate for a space since the facilities to do so at the University are zero. After several places researched, sent e-mails and no reply, I decided to grab the first opportunity I would encounter. The Marlborough Little Theatre, responded with enthusiasm to the proposal and on top of that offered two weeks rehearsals form 10am to 6 pm as it can be seen in the images below. The performance will take place on July the 3rd at 8pm. In this 2 weeks of residency the key is to narrow down and set as a goal experiments with my body, sperm and blood (it has to be false because this country is too weird on regulations) and extent the music sang in the previous performance. The time line was also shrunk from 40 min to 15 min giving me a dogma in order to simplify the performance. This process of the research and what has been achieved and thought so far will be explained tomorrow at the POST- GRAD FORUM.